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Mark K.

 "Four years ago, we relocated from Manhattan to Princeton and I was given Donna's name as the "best realtor in Princeton". Never having been to the area, Donna was terrific in taking time to show us around and ultimately placed us in a great neighborhood.  Understanding we would probably relocate again, we stayed in touch.
In April, we got the call that it was time to move on and our new home would be in California.  Donna was the next call we made. The difference this time, in addition to the distance, was we now had 2 children and a dog. I was going to be leaving first and the heavy lifting was up to my wife.
Donna was a tremendous help for my family and helped navigated very difficult waters with seamless precision. It is hard enough to sell a house these days, let alone from 3,000 miles away…oh, and the second child was only 2 months old!  We were very fortunate to have her as a guide and in hind-sight, with other homes still sitting on the market, we were lucky as well.
Donna is a huge asset to Fox & Roach and should be acknowledged for the excellent service she provides.  She is knowledgeable, polite and resourceful."